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53 percent drop in Kinder Morgan in the wake of its quarterly


There was only one child in the joke. “They” is a plural personal pronoun and “were” is strictly a plural form of the verb “to be” in English. The subject of the second sentence, being a personal pronoun, must agree with its antecedent. My question is why does the boot work just fine on the primary but is erring out on these distribution Points.As for your secondary site, yes, that sounds like what you have, but you still need to be careful with your terminology because it can get real confusing real quick if aren DPs are at a secondary site (or a primary site of course), they are not secondary DPs. Also, you do not distribute content to a secondary site, you distribute content to DPs which may be within the secondary site or primary site. I know this sounds like semantics or nitpicking, but it not.

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