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9 mill), then a team will give out a QO to CYA in case that


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canada goose clearance sale Keuchel, for example, will most certainly be making more than 17.9 mill per year on his next contract, so the QO was a completely risk free move. Marwin might not command that much annual salary (if he does, it because a team overpaid him), so offering him a QO would have been a riskier proposition.Essentially, if a player will earn more in 2019 than what this year QO canada goose outlet kokemuksia is valued ($17.9 mill), then a team will give out a QO to CYA in case that player signs elsewhere. If a player is likely to earn less, then a team won offer one for risk of being on the hook.Additionally, if the QO player ends up signing elsewhere for a total contract value less than $50 mill, the compensatory draft pick comes in a later round than if he signed for more money (see: Moustakis, Mike) canada goose clearance sale.