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But some of the changes are just so blatantly stupid that idk


england want clarity on ‘complicated’ stokes situation

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canada goose black friday sale I mean, everything worked out well for Kimi, but:I don think Bottas would be able to block Kimi on this track, or at least not for long. Not only is Bottas slower than Hamilton in the same car, but also are the Ferraris much faster on the straight and with DRS Kimi would swoop by faster than Bottas could say “Pizza”.There a reason why after the 2nd pitstop Hamilton was gaining hard on Verstappen but as soon as he caught up, his pace slowed to that of Max and couldn even overtake him with DRS. This is because it impossible for the car behind the follow closely and the only time Lewis could attempt an overtake was when Max made a mistake and went wide.Also a reason why Kimi managed to keep Lewis behind for multiple laps to the point of ruining his tyres despite Lewis being on fresh softs and Kimi being on worn tyres canada goose black friday sale.