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He had the black pieces against one of the world’s best


The only dyes still affordable are the green dyes an that only because there is an inconsistency in scribing where kits don currently require green pigment. Or at least that what I understand of the situation.Unid dyes were previously available from the laurel vendor for 5 laurels for 5 dyes, not 3 laurels for 10 dyes.Unid dyes are currently available for 5 laurels for 1 dye, not 1 laurel for 1 dye.Scribing created demand yes, but there was also additional influx of unid dyes from HoT bags and map rewards, such that unid prices dropped from about 90s to 60s when HoT launched. If it didn drop from one of the bats or rock dogs there then I not sure where it came from, but it was in my bag after that and wasn in there before that.

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