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I had a sophomore year long term substitute art teacher (we had her for like 4 months straight bc our “real” teacher was on maternity leave. On the first day of school, while doing ice breakers, she tells all of us “1) I have alopecia wiggles her bad wig back and forth on her head, and 2) I have a son, but we haven talked in 24 years, so its just me and my cat in my apartment.” She didn know how to enter grades in correctly, so all of us had like 120% in the class for the first month because she accidentally enter everything as extra credit, and once she figured out that something was wrong, instead of fixing it, she just deleted every assignment and gave us 0%s smh. One time, she promised to bring us donuts if we did good on a test, and the next day she brought in plain bagels and a tub of vanilla frosting that she spread on with a plastic butterknife at her desk for us.

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