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They are fed data and respond to that data and the patterns contained in that data. There is no way any programmer could manipulate this even if they tried. Bias from the programmers has fuck all to do with anything. Definitely more the body type that is a plot point. The funny thing about this post is I was just 2 days ago bitching about how inappropriately cast Tom Cruise was, which of course led to him playing Lestat in Interview with a Vampire, how poorly Anne Rice books have held up, a discussion of the proliferation of wolf/vampire books out now and ended with me discovering Anne Rice latest book is titled something like “Gift of the Wolf.” BTW, Morgan Freeman playing Red in “Shawshank Redemption” who in the novella was supposed to be an Irish Guy, didn bother me a bit, the Irish part wasn important. Mainly his choices in conflicts, Jack Reacher had more subtlety in his verbal judo before a fight and would often take hits to his pride to allow a thing to deescalate if he didn want to deal with crap.

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