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It has to be slow burn because of contracts that run to 2020


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Canada Goose Outlet Sale If an era ended in January with the exit of Bernie Ecclestone, following Liberty Media’s takeover, the Formula One season starting in Australia on March 26 marks a bright new dawn.The cars are faster, canada goose outlet sale wider and more aggressive looking with fatter tyres and revised aerodynamics but, behind the scenes, more far reaching changes are being mapped out to drive expansion.Sean Bratches and Ross Brawn have been appointed managing directors for the commercial and sporting sides respectively, under chairman Chase Carey, and sponsorship and research executives recruited.The sport is set to accelerate further away from the Ecclestone era, one in which the 86 year old controlled everything with a famous reluctance to delegate. “We Cheap Canada Goose are going to be very aggressive. We are going to try new things, all in the spirit of better serving Formula One fans.”In the short term that means building up the race weekend, adding in entertainment and events along the lines of SuperBowl week, exploiting digital platforms and building fan engagement through social media.Slow Burn Brawn, the former Honda and Mercedes boss who won titles with his own BrawnGP team and was previously Ferrari technical director, has a three and five year plan on the sporting side.It has to be slow burn because of contracts that run to 2020 but he is looking at everything from the format of races to how the sport should look and sound.In the near term, he Canada Goose Sale is putting together a group of engineers to try and come up with “a more intelligent design of car”.Levelling the playing field, allowing smaller teams a chance to compete against wealthy manufacturers, and keeping traditional races on the calendar are high on the agenda.”I think for sure the philosophy of Liberty and the management now in FOM is to look at things in a more complete way,” Brawn said.”Not just the amount of money we can get from a race but what does it offer Formula One, what opportunities?”Do we become partners in promoting the races? Because up until now most of the consideration has been how much they can pay Canada Goose Outlet Sale.