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She’s tone deaf and thinks he’s a prodigy. Elaine gives dance lessons to the handicapped who see her style as patronising. I can see him coming back to this food truck idea and coming scrubsuniforms to the conclusion that mobility is the issue. I understand that they are positioning Tyler as this whole other person, now separate from his Voq identity.I didn enjoy this storyline and I felt that the relationship, such as it was, between Tyler and and Burnham fell really flat. I think that played a large part in why Canada Goose Outlet the Burnham character didn really work well in the first season, so I was really hoping this storyline would be put on ice so we could focus on her relationships with other people which were actually pretty interesting to see.I also really didn like the way they his relationship with L considering that he basically viewed her as his rapist at one point. It was very poorly handled..

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