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The call to dismantle the ICE


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official canada goose outlet Dick Durbin (D Ill.), canada goose outlet vancouver for example, derided ICE as a “group of incompetents” in an interview this week with canada goose outlet legit CNN, saying the agency canada goose outlet in toronto was “focused more on toddlers than on terrorists.” (A spokeswoman for Durbin’s office clarified he doesn’t favor abolishing the agency.) But ICE, which is responsible for detaining and deporting migrants, had little to do with carrying out the family separation policy, which fell primarily to Border Patrol and the Justice Department.The call to dismantle the ICE, first cogently argued canada goose uk shop by Sean McElwee canada goose factory outlet in the pages of The Nation, predated the official announcement of the family separation policy. McElwee contended that conflating immigration enforcement with the wider goal of national security, as Congress did when it created ICE and put it under the Department of Homeland Security in 2002, undermines human rights. It logically follows, according to McElwee, that Democrats who embrace the vision should also support decriminalizing migration.. official canada goose outlet

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