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The aprons are 18″ wide by the length of the door. We snapped a line half the width of the garage door thickness. We then installed a diamond masonry cutting blade on a skilsaw and cut a ” deep cut along the chalk line. Made the curtains his Eagle Scout service project after a little inspiration from his mom, who is a teacher at the school.what they were going to do was hire someone to come and do all of the curtains for it and my mom said No! No! We can do this as a service project. You don have to spend too much money on it,’ he said.For a fraction of the cost, school administrators say the curtains complement the safety tools already in place across the district, adding an extra layer of concealment.window coverings will just enhance what we have here for precautionary measures for student safety, said Assistant Principal Eric Ecklund.In all, Scott and a team of volunteers made and installed more than 100 curtains at Folsom High School. He hopeful others will hear about his work and he can help even more people..

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