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understand a lot of people just want the military aspect


Rajasekar, 40; A. Sugumaran, 65; N. Abishek, 23; K. But their unbreakable oath and patriotism compel them to persevere.He may come across a female aged the same as his daughter while on a mission and be conflicted about having to kill her or failing to save her and fall into depression.may also have a lapse in judgment on a mission because he isn squared away at home which is something all SEALs and indeed military personnel must do before deploying.daughter may get caught up with the wrong crowd, either get hurt or commit a crime, again causing Jason to lose focus on the mission, putting the team and/or himself in danger.understand a lot of people just want the military aspect, but home life is by and large part of being in the military. Juggling a family. We have 3 of the main characters in different stages of their relationships: just starting out, deploying, coming home to a girlfriend/fiance working out what life will be like in the future, how things will work.

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