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“And she talked about how she wanted to stay in Seattle


Black Eyed Peas CostumeI have seen a couple of people in my life celebrate Halloween as a black eyed pea. Simply get a black marker to make a big letter “P” on the front of a light colored t shirt. Then, with some black shoe polish or make up (black eyeliner works well), color around one (or both) of your eyes.

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cheap moncler jackets 59 points submitted 14 hours agoLS talked about phase rush Jayce being a hard counter, Swain should do fine into Viktor if neutralising the lane and scaling into late is the goal, Fizz top is good (although pretty soloQ), moncler outlet online Lissandra is fine if you get some love from your moncler jackets for women jungler (because gank setup is that much stronger and Q through minions outranges Viktor Q by a few units). One is for certain Viktor top moncler outlet mall changes the whole metagame and I really curious what will we see in moncler jackets men the finals.LordAlfrey 1 point submitted 7 hours agoTbh as a Swain main ever since the nerf to his ult to gimp his botlane dominance, I really don think he good late game. I haven played the Swain Victor matchup myself, but I imagine it being a complete pain for the Swain to land any E on Vic because of his slipperiness, and even when he does Vic can just disengage with a decently placed grav field.As for who scales better? I have a feeling Vic takes klepto and builds ap in this one, and with that added ramp I think he scales as well as Swain, if not better. cheap moncler jackets

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