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Boohoo plus plunge stripe swimsuit, 18 (left) and ASOS CURVE mix and match underwired bikini top with hook and eye, 16 (right) (Image: ASOS)Get Weekly Fashion updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeLet’s be honest, size 10 models promoting size 14+ swimwear is daft. It’s simply never going to look the same on a size 10 as it does on a size 14. Women want to know what their curves are going to look like, because guess what? We’ve all got them!So it’s not exactly rocket science but ASOS have seen sense and are now using plus size models to show off their CURVE swim wear range, which is available in size 16 28.So now, instead of having to imagine what you might look like in the bikini on offer, you actually see what it actually looks like on someone your size.ASOS launch revolutionary new tool to show clothes on different size models and it might put an end to returnsCustomers are happy with the move, with many taking to Twitter to say how thrilled they are and how they’re much more likely to part with money, when clothes are modelled by women they can relate to.Oh, and you might have to sit down for this one, but the models haven’t been airbrushed either.We really do hope that this is part of a growing industry wide move towards greater representation and diversity.

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