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Cue my date leaping in with a ” I got this


A couple months after the twins were born (one girl and one boy) she posted about how the boy twin was in the hospital because “he randomly stopped breathing” and now “he might have brain damage”. Obviously this is horrible and I kept following her posts to see updates. She would update it pretty frequently but the way she did is not what a parent of a dying child would do.

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Replica Hermes uk Something like a [[Combustible Gearhulk]] forces an opponent to make a hermes blanket replica pretty poisonous decision.Recurring extra card draw does help. [[Endless Atlas]] is really solid in the deck, as are [[Outpost Siege]] and [[Stolen Strategy]]. I also tried [[Arcane Encyclopedia]] (cut for Atlas), [[Arch of Orazca]] (sometimes just a place to drop extra neheb mana), [[Vance Blasting Cannons]] (cut for Stolen Strategy, if it hit lands like Outpost Siege I would keep it in).Definitely need a [[Spinerock Knoll]] in there, [[Flamekin Village]] is another haste enabler (you even have elementals, Heartless Hidetsugu with haste.), [[Haven of the Spirit Dragon]] if you add in Knollspine (I run it with just Knollspine and Dragon Mage, it been relevant) Replica Hermes uk.