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Hate to burst your bubble, but the data is slightly misleading


He took a 20 minute break at Arundel station in January after he insisted he was entitled to a rest as his shift was more than six hours.But he said he was dismissed for gross misconduct in May for “exercising his rights” as an employee.The Working Time Regulations Act 1998 states anyone working more than six hours at a time is entitled to a 20 minute rest break.In 2015, Mr Lee won a grievance case that gave the signalmen at the station the right to those breaks. He has been fighting bosses to provide breaks for staff for eight years.But when he arrived at work on Monday, January 8, the rota had been changed and there was no one to cover his break.He told his line manager he would be taking the break, insisting it was his legal right.Mr Lee said: “I told my manager I would be taking the break, giving him four days’ notice.”On Thursday, I started the process of closing down the signal box it takes 30 minutes and then two managers arrived at the station and told me to go home.”I never got the chance to close the signal box as the managers approached me to suspend me before I could. I would never put anyone travelling or working on the railway in any danger.

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