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I like to echo the words of Lifegate by saying ; great hub


That’s actually one of the kills in Hitman 2016 in a senseYou can arrange circumstances to reveal who your target is to the surgeon, reveal what he’s done, and have the surgeon neglect the meds he takes, causing him to snap, and intentionally botch the surgery, and kill the target for youEdit: unless you meant kill themselves, oops. It is possible to have some of the npc characters to commit suicide due to your actions, and people can make contracts on nearly npc in the game, so you could still potentially make a contract that’s completable by driving the target to suicideHitman 2016 has a scene with that.The Bangkok hotel mission involves a musician (a target) who murdered his girlfriend by pushing her off a balcony months earlier. His lawyer (also a target), who helped him cover it up as an accident, is secretly at the hotel and doesn want the musician to know.You can do a thing where when you dressed as hotel staff leading the lawyer up to his suite that you can purposely make them run into each other.

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