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Now I rapidly approaching another 14 years older(1 more year


In the episode, a woman who is born “horribly disfigured” wakes up in a hospital after having surgery to fix her disfigurement. The doctors do all they can to help, but it’s revealed at the end of the episode that. She is actually quite beautiful, by TV viewer standards.

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Canada Goose Outlet I remember hearing the lyric “Old at heart but I only twenty eight, and I much too young to let love break my heart” and thinking about how Axl was like double my age at that point, yet that still resonated with me. Fast forward 14 years and I had just ended a long relationship and it resonated with me again when I was actually 28. Now I rapidly approaching another 14 years older(1 more year to go) and I still love that lyric as much as the first time I heard it, even though I in my 40s now(happily married with a 5 year old son). Canada Goose Outlet

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