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The cleric Turkey wants to get its hands on is Fethullah canada


how young people swung the election for labour

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canada goose uk black friday He was arrested canada goose outlet miami last October during the crackdown that followed a military faction’s attempt to overthrow Erdogan in July. Since then, he’s been accused of being canada goose outlet locations in toronto part of an armed terrorist group; one month ago, he was charged with espionage and attempting to overthrow the government.The cleric Turkey wants to get its hands on is Fethullah canada goose outlet los angeles Gulen, an Islamic scholar in his late 70s who lives canada goose outlet in a compound in Saylorsburg, Pa., in the Pocono Mountains.”To this day, I have stood against all coups,” Gulen said. He added, “if I were to humor that idea, if any one among those soldiers had called me and told me of their plan, I would tell them, ‘You are committing murder.’ “When asked about Turkey’s attempt to extradite him, Gulen said, “I think the United States is mindful of its reputation for its democracy and rule of law, and if they are willing to risk that reputation by extraditing me based on the request and claims made by Turkey, I would never say no canada goose uk black friday.