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“The State Bureau of Firearms


Chris Puehse has owned Foothill Ammo in Cameron Park since 2015. He said he applied for the new license in November and paid a $198 fee, but on Tuesday, he was told by the state DOJ that is hasn’t been processed yet.”I did everything they asked me to do, from documentation to fees, and now they can’t hold up their end of the agreement and provide me with what legal certification I need to continue doing business as I have every day,” Puehse said.Puehse first realized there was an issue after two vendors emailed him Tuesday and told him they’d have to stop sending him ammunition to sell if he didn’t get his license.”I’m going to be shut down real quick if I can’t buy product to sell,” Puehse said. “I’m not going to last very long without that license in hand.”Now, El Dorado County Sheriff John D’Agostini is getting involved.In a letter to Attorney General Xavier Becerra, D’Agostini wrote, “Due to your offices (sic) inability to comply with this regulatory scheme, his business and his livelihood are at great risk I am requesting that you stay the enforcement of this law immediately.”In a statement to KCRA 3, a spokesperson for the California Department of Justice wrote, “Anyone who applies to obtain an ammunition vendor license before December 21st, will receive a license by January 1st.”The State Bureau of Firearms, which is under the umbrella of the state DOJ, said it has processed all but six of the 225 ammunition vendor license applications it’s received..

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