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When Gallagher tried to say that Democrats were tied to these


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monlcer down jackets While the chyron read “Hollywood heavyweights support twisted 9 11 theory,” Gallagher said that Cuban is a “provocateur” who became a billionaire because he got lucky on the internet and now he’s getting to play basketball owner.” (Comment: thought you loved capitalism, Mike). Gallagher’s grin turned to a frown when Fleming said that Democrats don’t back this theory; but what they are concerned about is the theory, put out by Bush that Saddam and 9 11 were linked, that got us into a war. When Gallagher tried to say that Democrats were tied to these Hollywood “freaks,” Fleming responded that she was told Cuban was a Republican! Gallagher didn’t deny this; but continued to babble about how the Democrats aren’t denouncing this “hateful and hurtful” theory.. monlcer down jackets

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